The Vision

I was sitting in my front room doing nothing in particular when I saw a hand held saw moving back and forth cutting something.  It seemed to be right above me somewhat over the left side of my head.  I wondered why I was seeing this and found the size of the saw increased or decreased in proportion to my thoughts toward it.  I could easily have chosen to ignore the saw and it would have disappeared from my view.  But when I decided to look at the saw closer the rest of this vision opened up.
There was a wooden board on a carpenters table.  The Carpenter was cutting this board. When he’d finished cutting the board into two pieces he took the one end and placed it on a table behind him.  Then he moved to the other piece and picking it up blew off the saw dust.  This piece was much longer than the first piece.  He put it back on the cutting table.
Suddenly this larger board fell off the back end of the table taking all the rest of the wood stacked underneath with with it.  They fell like sticks making a loud crash not onto the ground but into nothingness.  There was no floor – they just kept falling and falling and falling never touching each other.
The Carpenter did not pay attention to the fallen wood.  Instead he took the other piece of wood from the back table which was a small little stub into his hands with care.  He walked through a doorway and stepped into a beautiful place.  The two places were different.  One was earthly, familiar (the carpenters workshop) and the other (a spacious forest) was spiritual and vividly colorful.  
The Carpenter took the short wooden stub and placed it into a small hole which had been dug in the ground.  As he covered it up with dirt, I heard God say,

“What I plant grows”.

I then saw this stub as it sprouted and grew.  Quickly it became a magnificent one of a kind tree with many branches.  This one of a kind tree was part of many who almost seemed as pillars of grace standing before God.  

While watching this vision I had a slight pang of regret as I saw myself as the small piece of stubble.  I was disappointed and wished I had been the long piece of wood.  But God showed me the size of my faith isn’t what is important. It’s important that I be planted of God because what He plants will grow.  All the rest of me will fall away and come to nothing.  But the tree I grow into and become is beautiful and one of a kind in God’s spacious land.

Jesus knows how to separate your flesh and soul from your spirit.  No matter how small you feel or how small your faith is: if you are the planting of the Lord – you will grow. In the spiritual realm you can grow quickly because you are growing in eternity which knows not time.  

I stopped writing for a while and was meditating on this vision.  I wondered, “God, did I get it right? Did I get what you wanted me to see? Did I give your Letter of Light Readers the right message? ” Immediately, I knew I had it partially right.  But how Great is our God who knows how to answer internal questions not with words but with sight.  

Recently, I’d been thinking about how to get my writing into the hearts of more women.  The nuts and bolts of getting this done has been taking up a lot of my time. And truthfully, it’s been frustrating trying to figure it out and manage it all. 

Through this one little vision of the hand saw, I’ve seen much of what I’m doing as the larger piece of wood which will fall off the back end of the table.  Even so, the Lord handled this piece with care- even blowing off the sawdust. He cares about all of me – even those parts which stem from my own and sometimes selfish ideas.  Yet, this piece of me – as large as it was – will not grow. It will not flourish as I imagine.  

Only what God planted will grow.  Only His plan for me which I bear responsibility to know and execute will amount to growth.  What He has planted and given me by the Holy Spirit of Christ will expand and grow in ways I could never imagine.

You might think I was doing nothing wrong  – even being a good steward of what God’s given me trying to get out there in a bigger way and promote my website.  But it didn’t come from God thus the frustration and confusion of it. When we are in the zone accomplishing what God has given us in particular, we will not feel frustrated by it all.  Everything will flow – fast or slow – so we keep pace with God’s perfect timing.

How lovely is God.  I mean really.  He sees me working in the flesh all the while I’m trying to please Him.  But to you, my friend and God’s Reader, frustration is not your portion any more than it’s mine. God said what He plants grows.  He doesn’t need our help to grow what he’s planted.  

Let’s follow His lead and accomplish what He wants – in His way and timing. In doing so, our life will grow into a vivid tree who bears fruit in every season from every good work.  

In Christ,
​Anne Grove

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