When choosing the image for any of my blog pages I search until I know it’s exactly right and says what I feel God placed on my heart.  The search for the right image for the 2017 TAP into IT blog was challenging.  When I first heard TAP into IT, knowing it was the declarative word over 2017 I immediately thought of a tap.  Like a tap in a wine barrel. I searched for images along this line including water turning to wine and so forth.  Nothing was quite right.  I wasn’t advertising alcohol and the idea of a tap in a barrel couldn’t be separated out from this idea.
Next I looked at waterfalls, jars, and bubbling fountains.  No luck.  Then buckets, full buckets of water like you’d find near a well.  Again none of the visuals seemed to connect with the word I was given.  I was getting frustrated.  I went back to God for more information.  Suddenly the idea for a crown came into my head.  Yes, this seemed right.  We were going to be tapping into those things conferred upon us in Christ from before the foundation of the world.   Again though, I had no luck finding the perfect crown.  No color was right.  The jewels weren’t right. The size or type of crown wasn’t fitting.  Again, I felt frustration knowing the image was out there but would I find it?
Reluctantly, I switched my search from crowns to tiaras and muddled my way through many images.  Suddenly the image of the pearls came into view.  I placed it into the web page and while moving it around I marveled at the perfection it held when viewed in the light of TAP into IT.
The brightness of the crown and the lesser reflection signifies the shadow of the earthly reflecting the pure, clear and certain reality of the heavenly.  God has bestowed a crown upon our heads.  We may not feel like royalty here on earth but our crown is seen in the spirit realm.  We have been granted certain gifts, certain authority, and certain rights as joint-heirs with Christ.  God desires each of us know and experience the power of our eternal existence.
Many times I’ve thought of the universal Church thinking many to be babes wanting milk and the low hanging fruit as opposed to meat and those things which take time and study to ripen and mature.  But right now, in this season, there are mature Christians living and walking the earth.  They are ready to step into the spiritual clothes God designed and pre-fit them for from before the world was created.  For these people earthly clothes, earthly wisdom, earthly anything just won’t do.
My hope and prayer for 2017 is for everyone to desire those things which belong to them in Christ.  I want all of us to walk in our heavenly dwellings and callings to such a degree we actually advance the kingdom without drawing any attention to our personal lives.  The desire to be known will die and the realization we are already known will come alive.
And so, to all who will receive this word, TAP into IT, may you tap into all you need and want in Christ with perfect timing.  May you understand what is yours in the heavenly and pull it into the here and now.  May you lack nothing.  And lastly, may you connect with the knew you, the you which was known in Heaven before the creation of all we see.
In Christ,

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