Act now and get your blessing flowing

I was looking through some file folders filled with notes regarding some topics I wanted to write about “one day”.  Before there were blogs and blog sites I had nowhere to go with what God was giving me to write.  I was faithful to write down what I heard and organize it but the vehicle I needed wasn’t developed yet.  I’d tried a website in 2011 but just couldn’t figure out how to put the web together with writing.
I kept the website for Letter of Light and started tinkering around with it again in 2015 when I began getting a series of messages from God.  I felt very strongly He wanted to empower us (The Church) to act.  I began to organize the website and began a new blog page called “Wide Open” for 2016.

The message from God for 2016 was one of action.  He wanted his followers to enter areas already occupied by others!  He wasn’t giving us a new field of influence in fact quite the opposite.  God wanted us to enter fields already operating successfully.  I’m still touched by “Wide Open Part One” in which God told us “Victory was going to be marked not by knowledge of our field but simply by our hearing His call to enter!”

I heard very clearly to enter the field of writing and blogging.  Sure I had notes and things but I never saw myself as a writer.  I was faithful to do what He said but not before I checked out others already in the field.  I looked at some other blog sites and was dismayed.  There were women already blogging who had years of material posted and my immediate thought was one of fear.  I feared the success of someone else.

But another thought came almost as fast as the fear: I had to stop looking at what others were doing and just do what God told me to do. I almost missed doing what I wrote everyone else to do which was to enter an already successful field.  Two years later with many blog posts written with rich archives and a vast array of material behind me I cannot help but be thankful to God.

I’m doing something I always wanted to but never had a vehicle to carry me.  God gave me the push out of the nest so to speak and now I want to do the same for you.

No one can do what God has called you to.  In this respect- your field is Wide Open.  You cannot fail unless you don’t bother to enter the race.  You must get started doing something in the area God has given you.

Do: Turn on the spigot so the water of God’s blessing can start to FLOW in your life.  A garden hose won’t water your flowers by itself.  You’ve got to turn it on and direct the flow of water!

Don’t: Look at the already successful people who are already in your land of promise!  They may not always be there nor will their success diminish yours.  You follow God to the best of your ability and He will take care of opening the right doors.

I truly recommend reading the blog Wide Open from beginning to end.  There are some spectacular views of the Heavenly Realm as well as the practical wisdom from God who loves who you have become.  Trust Him and it will all work out in perfect time.
Love, Anne

Author “Light from a Dark Night”

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