Have you heard it said, “American’s have a fascination with Royalty”?  I believe this is true and rightly so!  But I don’t think it’s just an American fascination.  The world is interested in those who are of royal birth and carry a royal title. We love to peek into their personal and public lives trying to catch a glimpse of  the special “something” which sets them apart from everyone else.

One attribute of a ruler is their royal attire.  I can picture the robes of the finest material in hues of red, deep blue, and purple.  Jewels are upon everything including robes drenched with them of all colors. Scepters are adorned with diamonds and stones.  And the crown jewel of them all (pun is definitely intended) is the crown made of precious metal set with an array of sparkling bling.  The crown is the finishing touch.  It is beautiful but heavy and weighty signifying the tremendous authority and power possessed by the one who wears it.

As much as I love to look at crowns, it’s never occurred to me what the crowns upon believers heads would look like.  Have you?  Have you ever thought about what a “crown of loving kindness” would look like? Yet we wear this gift from Father God upon our head everyday.  Maybe this is why The Angel Passing By revealed that Spiritual Crowns are not a man made lifeless thing but are Real and Alive and Choosing their head!

I guarantee you will be captivated by this Divinely inspired prophetic poem.  It reveals the crown jewel of our spiritual royal attire: A LIVING CROWN!

Living Crowns Choose Their Head

given to Anne Grove from: The Angel Passing By

“Crowns have been given. Crowns have been searched for.
Crowns have been found.
Crowns Today are moving along.
Crowns today are looking for their Heads.
Crowns have waited
Longing for today
When their heads are ready.
Ready to receive a crown of love
Yes oh yes of glory.
Of kindness and authority
For the head who receives is blessed indeed.
The crown has decided on its head!
Crowns have a choice- did you not know?
For crowns are not dead just a thing for jewels
But alive and living.
Not just a thing for the giving but living- alive!
Crowns to produce this desire of yours
The crown has had a choice and now is sure-
Yours is the head he will be given for.
The heralds came first
To sing forth the way
And the crown has come to rest.
And upon the head where this crown rests
Has come the mighty weight.
The weight of significance
The weight to signify –
Upon this head is the head.
The head and not the tail.
First and not the last but the weight of kingship,
The weight of ruling,
The weight of bearing:
The Heavenly Way.
The ceremony is coming and about to begin.
Look Up for your time has come.
The crown is Wisdom and pure
As I set upon you knowledge,
I instill Wisdom and impart:

May you be inspired to ponder the greatness of God who prepared things for his children which man has not seen or heard of before.  Living Crowns qualify as something never before seen or heard of and not conceived of by any man.  They are significant and I pray we wear them well as the world is fascinated with royals!

God Bless You, Anne Grove

Author of “Light from a Dark Night”

©2018 Letter of Light.  All Rights Reserved.

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