Chosen for the Honor: Prophets call in the Rain

Many are called but few chosen.  As an example, many may have been called but Isaiah was chosen.  He was chosen to SEE, PROPHECY, and PRAY.  Isaiah was chosen to SEE what God was doing, PROPHECY “there will be no rain”, then PRAY to CALL IN THE RAIN at the appointed time.
Many are called and I’m speaking of a calling beyond Salvation.  This is a call to go deeper and press in to God with trust in His Divine Plan.  A trust so deeply situated within Christ it withstands the hindrances and attacks of a spiritual enemy bent on destroying all spiritual gain and blessing.  Many have been called. Are you one who has been chosen?
You can’t choose yourself.  God has chosen you.  He desires all mankind to be called and then chosen.  We know this because many are in fact called but not all commit to the process after being called.  But you have been in the process and trained in your calling to be an Eagle.  You are one who can SEE straight; parting the waves of confusion.  You are one who PROPHESIES wisdom; truth from God and not the world at large.  You are one who PRAYS; seeking and finding.
Lastly you are one who ENDURES.  You have endured spiritual training hoping for the time when your fruit would ripen.  Well- your Harvest time has come.  It IS now.
All your work in the Lord, not service necessarily but work which has been taking place in the inner garden of your heart has come to the time of ripening.  It’s time for your harvest and to eat from the fruit of your labor.  Celebrate!
But wait, did you really say, “It’s not for celebration I’ve been working toward.”?
“Wow!  Who are you?” says God.  
With this attitude of heart you are unique; someone special and God has noticed.  Fruit is great; a blessing from God.  But it’s not all you’re looking for.  Your longing is for MORE. You want more sight into what the Father is doing and the power to accomplish a special “THING” for Him.
There is no pride for you in outward displays of knowledge – all that is meaningless rubbish.  Your inner spirit has such longing to be with God and know Him with the best part of life being in His Presence.  You want HIM more than anything else.  Your life is about longing, desiring to be found in Christ and in the longing you shall receive something unusual.

You have just begun to harvest your fruit and while rejoicing over the harvest God has appointed you supernaturally with the ability to touch your harvest or harvesters and plant again at the same time.  There is no time to waste.  Time is being accelerated where our eternal time is superseding natural time.  We have the same 24 hours but we’ll be able to do more because we’re able to operate in Heavens Dimension.
So this special time is different.  This is not a birthing like you’ve been through before.  You don’t need to drop down in tears of despair or feel like you failed the last season and have to repeat it.  What you went through last season keeping your attitude right set you up for years of blessing. So dropping down to the ground with tears becomes an act of joy because the greater harvest is going to come right in behind this current crop of fruit.
I hope you get what God is saying.  You will enjoy your fruit from last season.  But reaping and planting overlap.  There is more to harvest and you’ll have Angelic Help.  Your harvest will be so great and you’ll have a lengthened time of harvest so much so you’ll be making wine so to speak well beyond the season for doing so and into the season for planting.  You will still be harvesting when the time for planting begins.
It’s time to catch up with God.  He’s running and laughing with so much joy being poured like rain above your head!  He knows you have been waiting for this “THING” which only you know of- to show up.  Only you know what this “THING” is.  That is: only you and God.  It’s the deepest desire you have.  It’s deep because it’s profoundly implanted in your spirit by God to be completely revealed at just the right time in HIStory.
Maybe you’ve never been able to see it clearly before but suddenly, now, it’s shown up in the distance like a small cloud.  And because of your EAGLE EYES your spiritual senses are on high alert.  You’ll have an increased vigor as you see this “THING” actually coming into light.
The mere fact this “THING” has shown up has taken your eyes off the prize of fruit.  You want it more THAN THE FRUIT! You want it more than fame, money, anything.  And for this reason you’ve caught the attention of God.
“WHO ARE YOU!” He has mused.  God is interested in you.  He absolutely loves you.
So LOOK!  LOOK out into the sky with eyes no longer bound by an earthly sky but LOOK at the projection of CHRIST onto your mind.  LOOK to the future RAIN of this “THING” and call it into TODAY.  Pray it in.  Pray in the RAIN which will water your MOUNTAIN.  The MOUNTAIN you have been destined and prepared for IS FULL OF NEW WINE.  It’s dripping and flowing with new wine- you are going to be richly supplied with everything good flowing from God.
So rethink prayer especially the birthing prayer which will call in God’s RAIN.
Go LOOK AGAIN!  The cloud is formed.  It looks small but GET GOING!  You’d better start to move toward the promise of God because in this season specially reserved for you – an amazing thing is going to happen.
You are going to surprise your enemy who thinks he’s left you in the dust crying in despair.  But truth is:
In Christ,
Anne Grove

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