Don’t edit your book into oblivion before it’s complete.

I feel like someone needs encouraged today to JUST START WRITING! Don’t be afraid to start writing.  And write and write and write. Don’t wait until it’s perfect or you have everything you need.  Just start writing.  And if you are already writing the most important thing to remember is:

There is always enough time to go back and edit!

I learned this after writing my first book, Light from a dark night.  I used to get very bogged down with self editing.  I edited so much it was hard to get out of a chapter and onto finishing the book.  This is why it’s easier the second time around!  I learned something which is to keep writing!

There is always enough time to go back and edit what we’ve written.  By this I mean to add or delete words or paragraphs. Currently I’m writing my next book, The Real You.  My new strategy is to write pouring out all I have for each chapter as I have it.  Then I print a hard copy and put it in a binder.  If and when I think of something else I wanted to say or say in a different way, I add a note to the front of each chapter page.

I’ve kind of made a self promise to wait to make any of these changes until the book is finished.  This way I won’t get bogged down again endlessly grinding out each chapter into oblivion.  Don’t get me wrong- editing our work is necessary but if you are like me and tend to be on the obsessive side then take my advice.

Write your book and let it play out as God directs.  Then go back and add/delete from your notes if it makes sense from the perspective of a completed work.  Just don’t get stuck in one chapter for a year because it’s not perfect- okay?!! 

The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

God Bless,

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