Be Ready: what you decree will be tested for conviction.

The other day while in prayer I felt led to make a declaration: I will not stand for a violent spirit ruling my city or country.  I don’t want our nation ruled by violence or violent behavior.  I don’t want any more mass shootings in or on our land.

Later in the same day both my children were playing in the basement.  My oldest daughter found an old CD of an American Idol artist which she began to play.  As I sat in my office writing I heard the words of the song, “Gunpowder and Lead” pouring up through the vent. I sat for a minute thinking about the words of this song.  They are full of revenge and violence – opposite of what I want for my home, city and country.

I got up from my desk and walked around asking God what to do.  Should I let the song play out knowing my daughter just likes the American Idol singer and the beat of the song?  Or should I have her stop the song to honor my prayers?

I mused about even being in such a predicament.  But through prayer that morning I’d become aware of something dark (violence) which needed to become light (peace).  The “prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” and I was being given an early, easy test to choose sides.

I had to decide if I really wanted what I’d prayed for.

I quickly made my decision. I could not let the song play and went to my daughter in a humble way. I explained my struggle between honoring my prayers and following through with my actions. To my surprise, she turned off the song without any argument knowing I was right about the words.  Many people do things innocently as in the case with my daughter playing a song. So we shouldn’t go to them as if they were committing a crime with a sharp rebuke.

Some reading this might say words to songs don’t matter much.  But I can remember words to songs I haven’t heard in 40 years if I just hear the beginning to them.  Words go into our memory.  They form a soul tie to feelings, situations, era’s and times. Hearing enough lyrics of sex and violence eventually builds up within and it gives the demonic something to work with.

Violent songs are being sung by some artists who wouldn’t necessarily commit the same act in their own life.  But the words are going into their soul the same as their listeners and in some way it will shape the direction of their life toward good or evil.

If you are praying for something which goes against the grain of average society then as sure as I’m typing these words an early, easy test will come to you.  Authority over anything is incremental.  I discerned what I should pray for: peace in America.  God didn’t ask me to wage a campaign against the music industry.  But, He did give me the authority to take control over my own home.

Remember, what you allow without correction stands as approval.  If you pray one way then let a circumstance contradict your prayer without so much as a disagreement then you might want to have an internal conversation.  Do you really want what you’re praying for?  If so, stand firm and when you do have control over a situation then act according to your prayers.  Not only will you pass an easy spiritual test but you’ll become stronger and more confident in the process.
God Bless You,
​Anne Grove

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