I spent a large share of my life being unsure of purpose and what I should be doing.  At the start of 2011, I was awakened to an awesome realization of who I was in Christ and became at peace internally.  I was no longer searching for my purpose but felt a deep knowing as to what direction I should take next. I was confident in my calling!

A close friend of mine noticed a change in my actions and I wanted her to know: the confidence I now possessed was hers to have also. During the summer of 2011, I wrote seven letters explaining how she too could connect with her purpose.

After writing to my friend I realized almost every one struggles with identity and purpose.  I began expanding those seven letters and pretty soon had a very nice sized book.  I wrote for two years and deeply wanted to finish but felt it was out of my reach.  The last chapters were about Jesus and I was intimidated to write about him.  What if I wrote something and it was wrong?  What gave me the right to write about God?  Why would God ask me to write about him?  Surely there was someone from a large ministry who could do a better job and reach more people.  As you can tell, my confidence turned to doubt and I was stuck.

Many people find themselves in the same boat as I was.  We lose confidence in our calling when we pay too much attention to the success of others and our own deficits whether they are real or perceived.  These feelings are buried so deep within we don’t know about them until trying to do something beyond ourselves and our known skill set.  It is a “hidden giant” whose name is: inferiority complex!

Inferiority complex is defined as: “an unrealistic feeling of general inadequacy caused by actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere…”

Inferiority is a feeling which comes from the soul.  A couple questions surface regarding the power of the soul.  Can a mere “feeling” have so much power that we shrink back from being who God created us to be?  Can a feeling really hold us captive so we don’t do what God wants us to do?  Can feelings block our purpose?  Yes… if we allow them to by being a person more of the flesh than of the spirit.
Our spirit is stronger than our flesh but we haven’t been schooled how to yield to it at all times.  This is something which should be high on our list of spiritual priorities because our spirit holds the key to personal destiny.

God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear!  How many times I’ve read this verse and thought it was speaking of having a certain attitude or mindset.  Like doing something in the “spirit” of good cheer we shouldn’t do something in the “spirit” of fear.  But our spirit is not just a frame of mind or an outlook on life but was alive before we were born and it will go on living after our body dies.

I like to think of it now like this: God hasn’t given us a real life (spirit) of fear!  From the moment our spirit was given by God and attached to our body and soul in the womb it never had any fear.  Therefore when called and commissioned by God we can go forward and complete our assignment without fear if we believe God more than the negative little voice of fear droning on in our heads.

If you were confident in your calling and feel like you are now stuck even lacking confidence my advice is to check for this hidden giant in your life.  Once found command it to be loosed from your soul and get back on track because your calling is still there waiting for you.

In Christ, Anne

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