I really wasn’t that far off Wednesday night with, “Leave the bulls; chase the sheep”. But, after reading about the wheat and the tares it became clear I was one word off.
“Leave the bulls; warn the sheep.”
The vision has many layers and can be taken as a personal warning and call as well as being used broader on a larger scale for churches and the Body of Christ as a whole.

The few sheep I saw were each alone with their backs to the flock, heads down eating and searching for more food. These sheep are Christians who are enjoying being fed the Word of God. In fact they love it so much they’ve stopped thinking they are potential prey. They are unaware they are unprotected. Before you jump to the conclusion these sheep are backslidden or in sin I will tell you emphatically they are not. They are members of the flock and truly lovers of God and His Word they’ve just moved a little ways away from the group seeking out a new morsel of food.

The black bulls represent a coming attack from Satan and his domain. They are coming down from the spiritual realm. Because they came down like rain- they are looking to attack many creating chaos. The bulls are angry and powerful. They desire a surprise attack circumventing the multitude in the flock and head straight for the unaware.

Are you wondering why no one from the flock warned these few sheep about the bulls? Excellent question! The flock did not warn the lone sheep because they had their backs to the few sheep with heads pointing inward. They knew an attack could come but were too busy and focused on each other they never looked around.

Have you ever felt like things are going so good maybe you are immune to an attack? Like having God on your side means you never face strong opposition? Or maybe you’ve been focused on ministering and forgotten to take time to look up and around. Is your nose to the grindstone so to speak so much you spend no time studying your surroundings or the time you are living in?

Is there no one to warn the flock to keep a lookout and reach the few sheep? Is there no one to warn the sheep telling them it’s okay to study the Word but do it with your head lifted? Is there no one to warn the flock or the sheep about the bulls? Not in my vision. There was no one. Who is missing in the vision? It’s the Watchman!

The flock was too busy to set a Watchman! The sheep had their earbuds in and were too “in the flow” to hear a Watchman! And the Watchman himself? He was asleep not doing what he was supposed to with dreadful consequences.

I think we might have a picture in our minds of a watchman. He stays awake when we are asleep. He hears things and investigates. He turns lights on in dark places to look around making sure all is in order. He is looking for signs of danger. He is faithful to his post.

In the Old Testament we picture watchmen to be on top of the walls of a city. They were located in towers and had the best views because they had to warn the city in advance of an attack. The watchmen were also prophets. God gave them advance information. They had inside information only known because God released it to them for the protection, advancement and blessing of His people. I looked in my concordance for the definition of the watchman. From Strong’s Concordance H 6822 this defines a Watchman:
Properly to lean forward i.e. to peer into the distance; by implication to observe, await:-behold, espy, look up, look well, wait for, watch, keep the watch, watchman.

Do Watchmen exist in the New Testament Church? Of course they do and are part of the fivefold ministry designated to mature the Body of Christ. They should be looking deeper into events and seeing into the realm of the spirit for the protection, advancement and blessing of God’s people. The office hasn’t really changed from the O.T to the N.T. The prophets are desperately needed and necessary to the Church.

Why were there no prophets in my vision? The flock has not understood or valued them. Therefore they have fallen asleep and are not operating in their God given assignment. It’s true some have been involved in trickery and bilked the Body of Christ.

Their job is not for profit- not to run after Balaam but to be listening to God. The flock has a part in discrediting this office too. They have desired to “know” something they have been unwilling to pay the faith price for. So they constantly seek someone who might have a “word” for them. And in this vein much damage has been done.

There have been and still are however true prophets who have seen into the future and done their best to warn to protect and to bless the church. They are alive right now speaking the truth as a prophet should. They are not doom and gloom speakers nor are they smiling while the ship is sinking. They are somewhere in the middle. They are like Jesus who said, “Blessed are those” and “Woe to You”. They know what to say when and to whom.

Other prophets are now asleep for various reasons. But here is where it gets interesting to me. God wants the office of the prophet restored and he wants His prophets to wake up and come alive. The time is now for the young men to dream dreams. For the daughters to see visions. It’s time for you to let your gift- your high calling come alive in Christ. It’s not something you’ve desired or wanted but it’s what the Holy Spirit has called you to do. You my friend have an appointment from God- an anointing to warn, protect and bless the Church. And it’s serious business. Please read these verses carefully.
Ezekiel 3:17 (AMP) says, “…whenever you hear a word from My mouth, warn them from Me.”
Isaiah 21:6 (AMP) says, “Go, station the lookout, let him report what he sees.”
Jeremiah 6:17 (AMP) says, “I have set watchmen (prophets) over you, Saying, ‘Listen and pay attention to the (warning) sound of the trumpet!’ But they said, ‘We will not listen.’
Ezekiel 33:6 (AMP) says, “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, he is taken away because of his corruption and sin; but I will require his blood from the watchman’s hand.”
Can you see how vital it is to have God’s true prophets awakened and given a voice in the Church? They are hearing the warning voice of God. God has said to position them for the purpose of reporting what they hear. God has told them to speak and what to speak even if the people say, “We will not listen!” And lastly, it is the job of the prophet to sound the alarm when he sees the sword coming. If he doesn’t and people are injured the blood is on the hand of the watchman. Not on the flock even if they are destroyed due to their own corruption and sin. How much more the loss if the prophet loses those who are not corrupt and sinful.

This is a lot to digest- even for myself. I had no idea the Lord would take me in this direction. I merely allowed myself to be the voice who would bring this word forth. I did not have this message in me in advance. But in light of it, I will say we need to take immediate action to restore and listen to the prophets.

To those who have the power and leadership to set out the Watchmen – it’s time to do so. To those who have humiliated a true prophet – repent and hear their voice afresh. To those who have gone the way of Balaam and for profit exposed the office of prophet to disgrace – repent also and seek God to restore you.

For those who have been asleep and silent- be silent no more even if the people won’t listen. Your job is to ‘see and tell what you hear’. The stakes are high and there is more to lose than your ego.

And to those whom God has awakened take note of what you are signing up for. Being a prophet is not always glamorous. You may be disliked and misunderstood. You may be lied about and feel like you are undervalued. I don’t even think great earthly wealth is in the picture. I can’t think of a single biblical prophet who was rich in money. And maybe that is for the best because If money could sway you – then you’d be serving Mammon and not God. So for you I pray to see, hear, and deliver whatever God gives you with increasing clarity. We need you.

And for my part I’ve released what I was given to me today. Let the people know the Watchmen are missing and need to wake up and be restored because the bulls are coming.

Next post I will cover the coming of the bulls and prayer. God Bless You for being a Letter of Light Reader! In Christ, Anne

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