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I have more thoughts as to why God chooses to give us information through dreams and vision.  It’s not that He always speaks through those channels because at times His voice is very clear and direct.  In my case the words, “Leave the Month” came to me just after I had a dream about bulls and sheep. I knew the dream and words were from God but had no idea what they meant.  I shared last post about God being a concealer and revealer.  He loves to hide and to be sought.  He loves to be chased and has promised to be caught; showing us hidden things of which we currently have no knowledge of.  In other words, He enjoys giving us dreams our mind doesn’t understand so we will pursue Him for the meaning.   
Another reason God would speak to us through dreams is for training and confidence. Will we see what God wants us to?  In Jeremiah 1:11 God asks the prophet what he saw.  Jeremiah saw a rod or branch of an olive tree.  God then said he had seen correctly and assigned meaning to the vision.  This situation was again repeated in Jeremiah 24:3.  Whether God was testing Jeremiah’s sight or building his confidence I don’t know. 
Because we are prone to discount what we see in the spiritual realm our sight must be honed through training- which involves a dialogue with God.  Not every vision I see or every dream I have is meant for the Church but I must know when they are.  When I begin to seek God for the explanation I am showing Him I did see something.  He then lets me know if “I have seen correctly”.
A training process seems to boil down to about three steps: seeing, seeking and speaking.  All of which must be present to be effective.  If you have some but not all three you will not be effective.  You might be able to see into the spirit realm but not have steadfastness to seek Him for the interpretation.  Or maybe you love to seek Him but are afraid to release your findings. 
We learned from an earlier post it is vital for us to see, seek and speak.  Lives are at stake and we are held accountable by God for what He gives us to see.  Therefore, training is essential.  We can’t have people who see visions who don’t know God or won’t seek Him for the interpretation speaking to the Church.  This produces blessed things being cursed and cursed things being blessed.  
We also don’t want to have people trying to “prophesy” falsely leading someone down a wrong path not ordained by God.  Prophets aren’t to seek God for deeply personal or frivolous things just so they can know something others don’t.  We aren’t trying to tell someone we know something only God can know unless it’s totally directed by Him for a specific purpose.  It’s not for me to know what your house payment is or the reason for your divorce unless God directs it for a purpose.  Just because a stranger knows this information does not mean what they say next is from God.  This is another false movement where we want to “know” something from God so much we will seek out someone just for this purpose instead of seeking God.  King Saul did it.  God’s spirit left him so he sought out a witch to give him information.  Be careful.  If you are seeking God then determine to be filled by God alone. 
How can this type of prophecy work for the good?  Jesus met a woman at a well and told her about her life- things a stranger would not know unless He was God.  She was amazed and brought her entire city to meet “the man who told me about my life”.  Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and He will tell you about your life for a purpose.  When the Holy Spirit releases information to someone for you it will encourage, warn, or give instruction.  And maybe it will awaken and bring to life a part of you which has been dormant. 
Because lives are at stake those who are willing to be molded and trained most probably through tests and trials will be fit to serve God’s people in some way.  And right now God is training us to see, hear and speak because at some point we need to communicate by the spirit through the Spirit.  For Christians, communication through the Holy Spirit is our secret weapon.  We don’t need words, phone lines or cell towers.  Night or day we can get in touch with God.  Time and space cannot limit our connection to Him.  I received this revelation in a powerful way when we were in China adopting our daughter.  I’ve shared it in my book, “Light from a Dark Night”.
If you were an enemy of God’s people, knowing they had access 24 hours a day to the Mighty God what would be priority number one for defeating them? Cut off their communication!  The enemy of our spiritual development carries out plans to intercept, foil, and destroy communication by the Spirit.  He works hard to deafen, dull and destroy our spiritual senses which should be in tune to God’s voice. 
Have you ever been to Disney World?  If so, you’ll know what I mean by the noise being deafening.  It is so loud with music and activity it’s hard to hear yourself think.  The atmosphere is super charged with all things Disney and it’s hard for anything else to get through.  In the same way, it’s hard to pray and communicate with God when there is too much noise around us.  Many things clamor for our attention.  We are spinning sometimes from the news which bombards us day and night. Social media adds to the mix and we are updated about many things.  There are too many people we’ve given a “voice” to and at times one just wants to scream from all the things desiring our immediate attention.    
Remember the few sheep from my dream?  They were off by themselves looking for food.  I said it was like they had their earbuds in not looking around.  They were not aware of the impending attack from the bulls because  their hearing was being deafened by the enemy.  He created so much noise nothing else was able to get through.  
Some of you might be wondering what kind of things would be so urgent the enemy would want to intercept.  And what’s all this about an enemy and illusions to war?  Part of the problem with having our senses deafened and dulled is we have lost the connection to the spiritual side of our being.  We are spirit first, then soul and body and as Christians we’re immediately enrolled in the war of light vs. dark; good vs. evil; Christ vs. Satan. These opposites have nothing in common with each other.  Therefore we have nothing in common with darkness, evil or Satan.  We are his enemies by virtue of the side we stand on. 
If we are to join in Christ’s victories we will have to understand the war and our weapons.  Thus the need to be trained to see, hear, and speak!
Last post I wrote about Daniel who was under intense pressure with the threat of execution if He did not see and hear from God regarding a dream of the king. From this post, Jeremiah needed to see and hear correctly to warn Israel of pending judgement of God. In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John was given all three: encouragement, warning and instructions for the Church- all of it was and is needed for the survival of the Church.
In the time since these men of faith lived there have been countless men and women who have heard from God and spoke to those who had ears to hear.  Some say this communication from the Holy Spirit is increasing rapidly.  We have a need to know what to do when with precision quickly due to the times we live in and the intensity of the spiritual war. 
It took me 4 days to seek and receive the interpretation of my dream and it’s taken almost a month to write it out.  If Daniel had taken this long- it’s possible he along with hundreds of others would have been killed.  I am aware in all of this my part in the training process striving to cut out useless noise and resisting the enemy attacks against what God is trying to do.   You too need to cut out and resist the noise designed to stop your communication with God. 
Our training is important and it’s going to produce men and women who will quickly be able to decipher important communication from God for the benefit of others.  These voices from God have been seasoned through trials because they need to operate under intense pressure and understand how to talk to God through the noise of the enemy.  They will be strong people not swayed by feelings and possibly misunderstood, misquoted, and maybe even disliked.  Jesus told his disciples:  
“What I tell you in the darkness, speak ye in the light; and what ye hear in the ear, proclaim upon the house-tops.” Matthew 10:27 (ASV)

In Christ, Anne

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