In the dream I was looking at a sheep pen.  The pen was grassy and there were a few sheep grazing.  These sheep were not grazing together but each one was kind of off by themselves.  They seemed content to be apart looking for food.  In fact the sheep were so content they did not bother looking around.  They had their backs to the flock with their heads down as they headed toward the fence.  Suddenly out of the left corner of my eye I saw black bulls coming down from the sky.  They fell like rain one after the other yet the sheep were oblivious.  Upon touching down on the ground the bulls began to chase these few grazing sheep.  I watched a specific bull chasing one of the sheep around and around.  I turned my head slightly to the left to ask the one standing next to me what this was about and suddenly I was shaken so hard I woke up.  Startled, I sat up and heard the words, “Leave the month”.  

When God spoke the words, “Leave the month” in relation to the dream, I knew a specific timing was involved.  Month refers to a set period of 30-31 days.  So the attack from the Bulls would not be an indefinite one but would have a definite end.  Because Bulls are aligned with the zodiacal sign called Taurus, I knew the timing was assigned to the month of May.

The word “leave” posed a challenge.  When looking at the word I discovered many definitions such as: depart, cease from, bequeath or entrust a decision to someone. All of these just didn’t seem quite right.  I felt leave in this case should be used as a verb and means, “allow to remain”.  So I understood, “Allow the bulls to remain in the month of May.  Warn the Sheep”.

The sheep need warned because the bulls are coming. They are strong and will follow their nature to “push or drive violently”.  Because I saw the black bulls coming down from the sky and touching the earth with their feet, I believe they will use others to bully us.  If this is the case you need to know you must not fight the person doing the bullying but the spirit who is behind it.

Bullying may play out in different scenarios but we will all feel the same effects: intense pressure to do what someone else wants. We may feel like we have no other options, no time to wait and think, no time for a second opinion.  We may be persecuted for our beliefs and a demand will be placed on us to deny Christ.  We may be harassed, oppressed, intimidated or tormented.  I tell you it’s a bleak outlook for the few sheep.

What should we do?  At the end of my dream I was suddenly woken up.  I was in disbelief at what I saw but was not able to react to any of it.  I think I would have done the wrong thing because my natural instinct was to pray and rebuke the bulls.  I wanted to stand up for the few sheep and ask God to keep the bulls from coming.  But God let me know- the bulls are coming and we must allow them to remain.  They have a purpose and their purpose will bring about a surprising conclusion for the few sheep.

If we are not to pray asking for the bulls to not come then what should we pray for?  And now after going all the way around the barn I can answer this question.  We’ve come to the point where I can finally begin laying the groundwork for going on the offensive in our spiritual warfare. Next post we will learn what to pray and how to help the few sheep.
In Christ, Anne

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