Patience and Kindness are some of the fruit of the Spirit. Fruit begins as a seed and grows, matures, and ripens to be picked.  The fruit of the Spirit is already ripe for picking and eating.  As we eat spiritual fruit, it carries DNA of the fruit and releases more seeds in us which multiply.  As these seeds multiply in us, they grow, mature and become fruit others can pick off of us.

Anne Grove

The Agony of Creative Decisions

I have been agonizing over a creative writing decision for a long time. I want to start writing my first fiction novel and I’ve had several potential story ideas floating around in my head. My biggest decision has been: which story idea do I choose to write? A seemingly simple choice has all but screeched […]

When God When?

You are standing on the edge of a huge new move of God.  Don’t let that worry you because YOU are ready for it.  You don’t have to fight your way into it. You’ve already done that. Now it’s more like being Abraham who was told to look at all the stars and try to […]

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