Bloom Where You are Planted

Why is “Bloom where you are planted” such a beloved and powerful saying? Because, each of us immediately identifies with the sentiment of wanting to thrive no matter the circumstances. Life isn’t perfect and some of us get thrown more curve balls than others yet there is always the thread of hope which leads us to fight to survive and in many cases to eventually bloom or to bloom again.

I can think of several times I’ve had to bloom where I was planted. Each of those scenarios I was either somewhere I loved but with people who were difficult or I was with good people but not in my ideal dream spot. It was almost as if life was saying, “Okay, see what you can do now”!

Not only is “Bloom where you are planted” a gentle reminder to remember how strong we can be even in the toughest times but it also challenges us to our very limits.

What would prevent someone from blooming where they were planted? Many things come to the surface of my mind. A person who’s tired of fighting, too hurt to try again, not having a support system, or lacking the energy it takes to bloom. For those of you finding yourself in this spot or with another reason, don’t give up. Some plants don’t bloom every year.

Last year, to our delight, an orchid cactus we’ve had for ten years without blooming actually gave us an amazing bloom! I can tell you, this one bloom gave us so much delight and we marveled at it every day. So, don’t be worried about your delayed blooming. Someday you will and then you’ll be the marvel and delight of everyone around you.

And this is part of the mystique of blooming where you are planted. It’s that no one expects you to succeed. No one expects a cactus to flower in the dry desert. No one expects to see a flower in the wintry snow yet the Crocus blooms where it is planted! You thriving from a place which everyone knows shouldn’t produce that kind of life is unexpected and it actually gives others hope for the same.

One last thought on why someone isn’t blooming where they are planted. It might be because deep down, they don’t want to bloom. They don’t want to flower in a place they hate because if they flower and look good- someone just might think they want to stay.

Doing well somewhere could give off the impression that you love it there. And, you don’t. I would put forth however that doing well would be the fastest way for you to move on. It will also do wonders for your own well being. At some point you will be noticed for what you do and for who you are. And when you least expect it, some person, with the heart of a gardener, will either re-pot or move you to a better location.

So go ahead and bloom. Or use time to become healthy to bloom again- when you’re ready. But feel free to be YOU wherever you are planted. ~Anne

PS. Visit my YouTube Channel, Shades of Color and Light, for my latest video highlighting “Bloom where you are planted” coloring page from the Good Vibes Coloring Book or view from here.

Watch or Color along with me and think about “Blooming where you are planted”.
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