Conversational Coloring: Calm Talk about LIFE and ART

Hi, I’m Anne and welcome to Shades of Color and Light. It’s easy to say, “Life’s not perfect right now” and put our dreams on hold. But, even when life isn’t perfect we need to remember- It’s ALL GOOD! I believe we must pursue our purpose moments in the face of imperfections and not let them pass us by.

Normally, I wait until I have a quiet house to record an art video. But my life isn’t quiet with husband working from home and kids running around the house. That’s why I did a coloring video TODAY– right in the middle of a quarantine. I wanted to say that it can be done! We can continue to pursue our dreams in the midst of trouble and trying times. Pssst…Don’t give up! Relax and enjoy the video! ~Anne

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