Shades of Color and Light
Conversational Coloring: Calm Talk about Life and Art

“Out of a space of stillness all creative endeavor is born”. Eckhart Tolle

Recently I watched a video from Oprah Winfrey in which she interviewed Eckhart Tolle. I was completely undone by his quietness and moving ideas about mankind and how we should operate. This video comes from the place of my contemplating his first few sentences. He says there are things which we want do in life but the more important question is, “What does life want to do through us?”

If we will dedicate some time to being still and let Stillness speak; then we will hear what it is that life wants to move through us. Participating with life in this way will help us to be who we are and live life more purposefully.

Just like I did in making this video, I encourage you to let Stillness speak. Then, take a chance and let an idea flow through you. ~Anne

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