I’m reminded of a morning several years ago when I woke up knowing it was going to be “one of those days”.  At that time, I’d developed an allergy to ragweed – which our home is surrounded plentifully by on three sides of our property. While I didn’t get cold-like symptoms; I did feel dizzy.  Really, I’m not joking or poking fun at myself; it was a real thing.  My head hurt with any and every motion and I felt like I had no balance.  My brain tried to compensate from lack of balance signals and it was a struggle to do anything.  I usually spent the day in a fog. 
I know there are plenty of medicines to take but I preferred none.  Like someone with an inner ear problem I learned the best thing to do was slug along and stay moving.  But that day by lunch time I just had to lay down and be still.  The house was quiet as I lay down on one end of the couch with our (then) three year old Bella on the other end. 
I sensed movement on her end of the couch and cracked an eyelid to look.  I saw her moving toward me and closed my eyes.  She gently nestled her special “blankie” on my arm, kissed my forehead and went back to her end of the couch.  I looked at her, smiled and said thank you closing my eyes again.  A wave of emotion flooded over me and I thought, “I don’t deserve love like that”.  My reasoning for this thought was because I’m not always a perfect mother.  But before this stream of thought took root I heard something from the Holy Spirit, “Love is never deserved”. Instantly I realized I didn’t deserve God’s love either but knew it was mine through Jesus Christ.  I saw the parallel between God’s love for us and what Bella had done for me.
Bella gave me her best by giving me the very thing she holds as precious.  She has access to everything she could want or need yet the one thing she really has as her dearest possession is her blanket.    
I was so touched by her kindness knowing the value she places on this blanket which is with her almost 24 hours each day.  She gave me a part of herself sacrificing the comfort it would bring to her.  God is pleased by sacrifices like this.  The Apostle Paul writes to the Philippine church after receiving a gift from them saying their gift was a pleasing aroma to God.  Love, shown through sacrificial giving has a scent.  When something we do reaches God and He likes it then it’s a very good smell to have indeed!
How God-like was my little Bella without knowing it!  She gave to me not because I deserved anything but because love resided in her.  The love within Bella prompted her to do something for me. 
God loved the world.  While we were doing our own thing unaware of the love of God, he was prompted to give us his best, most precious, eternal, unchanging gift. Jesus Christ saved us while we were still looking in another direction.  None of us deserve the love given by Christ.  None of us have ever or will ever be so “good” we deserve to be saved through the blood of another much less the blood of a perfect, sinless God who became man. 
Love given is always undeserved because it has more to do with the love inside the giver than the recipient.  Being loved when we don’t deserve it is humbling.  It is mind blowing to realize God loved us before we knew him. I think this is what finally leads us to trust in Christ.  The realization of His great undeserved love toward us crushes hardened walls which have built up around our mind over time. 
Every man has a moment in time which is his to receive the sweet smelling aroma of a sacrifice given – but never deserved.  Today I hope you grab onto Love and never let go.

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