You are standing on the edge of a huge new move of God.  Don’t let that worry you because YOU are ready for it.  You don’t have to fight your way into it. You’ve already done that.

Now it’s more like being Abraham who was told to look at all the stars and try to number them.  That’s what you need to do. Look everywhere: forward, side to side, up, down and through and you will see your amazing purpose.  A purpose which is bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

And being like Joshua who was told everywhere he walked was on land that God gave him. This is your call and time to “walk” the land God has given you.  Walk it with authority- you have the backing of Heaven.

Your movement through this year is to know you should GO forward into the area God has prepared you for.  You’ve been praying, “When God, when?” and God is saying, “Now. The time is NOW”. 

All the BEST ~Anne

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