I have been agonizing over a creative writing decision for a long time. I want to start writing my first fiction novel and I’ve had several potential story ideas floating around in my head. My biggest decision has been: which story idea do I choose to write? A seemingly simple choice has all but screeched my writing to a halt. I started to write one story, then an old plot idea surfaced and now I am torn as to which one would be better to write. So here I sit. Stopped. Stuck.

And stuck is where I have been for quite a while. Until this morning. While cleaning, a small Monday through Friday sticky notepad surfaced. I decided it was going to be my weekly writing “To Do” list. Every day is blank and for tomorrow, which is Monday I wrote, “Choose a Story”.

Those are three very simple words but carry great weight. Choosing a story means shutting the door on another. It means that tomorrow I must make a decision. And this has seemed like agony. Why should there be agony when narrowing my story ideas down to one? Is it because I’m afraid to make a choice? Am I afraid to choose one story over another because I fear the unknown? Do I fear failure? Will I eventually regret my decision?

Today, as I wrote “Choose a Story” almost instantly my inner voice spoke, “There is no wrong answer”. And immediately I felt peace. There is no wrong choice. Each of the three story ideas I have are good. Each one will make a great book. Each one can be written but, one at a time. Choosing one idea doesn’t mean the door closes on the other.

Ahhhhh. Why didn’t I realize this before? As with my story decision, this can be applied to life in general. There is no wrong answer to many of our decisions. As soon as we choose one path over another, our life will move in that direction and we will no longer focus on the decision so much as the success of the path we are on now.

Entertain this idea yourself. If you are debating the direction of a creative endeavor, apply “there is no wrong answer” to your potential choices. Instead of thinking the consequences of choosing one creative adventure over another will make your life miserable, choose to think of all the positive outcomes. If we assign good to our choice, whatever it may be, then the agony is taken out of the equation and we are free to be successful.

Life is saying, “There is no wrong answer”. Pursue your dreams. Let’s enjoy the ride.

All the Best~ Anne

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