TIME is not your problem. FEAR is. Whether it's FEAR of failure or success. FEAR is keeping you from pursing the very thing you know, deep down is your destiny. Deal with FEAR and TIME will be yours.


What’s better than Christmas?

What’s better than Christmas? Coloring it! If you’re into coloring or looking for a great gift for someone who is, I’ll recommend “Country Christmas” by Creative Haven. I love this coloring book for several reasons. If you’re not into reading today, you can watch my video where I walk you through the book (with expert Read more

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Agree with God’s Angels. Part 4 Prayer for Cities.

Agree with God’s Heavenly Angels. All Angels are ministering spirits or serving spirits sent to people who are going to receive salvation.  He sends them to serve us – to help us.  After I received “Song of an Angel passing by”, God gave me the third strategy for restoring our cities: “Agree with God’s Angels as they Read more

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Pure, Free, Healthy and Open. Part 3 Prayer for Cities

This morning as I was praying for Washington D.C. this phrase came to me. “Let’s change the face of this place.”  This is a declaration for the city prayer pioneers to use releasing their words and commanding the Heavenly Host. We declare over our cities their face be changed no longer looking as they have but Read more

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Living without Fear. Part 1 Prayer for Cities

WHEN THE RIGHTEOUS ARE IN AUTHORITY, THE PEOPLE REJOICE! Q. Why is it important for you to declare the righteous be in authority? A.  Because the people will rejoice!  When God’s people who truly are in Him are ruling the people can rejoice.  Heaven has come to Earth.  People can live without fear, hold jobs, Read more

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